Architecture workshop “Gravitas”

23-24-25 luglio 2022

Workshop for architecture students, undergraduates or recent graduates, on “Design experimentation on the construction of basic spaces, ‘found’ in the living matter’s wastes” in Val d’Orcia.

In this workshop we will devote time and energies to work on the concept of variation on the theme, in order to compose the fundamental elements of the construction — roof and enclosure — putting them into dialogue with natural light, by experimenting a didactic and design method which, starting from living matter, pushes the design potential of space to the limit while remaining within borders of the architectural discipline.

The proposal is in-person work, for a few days, to produce models of empty spaces — ‘shelters’ that are an expression of a clear architectural vocation — from stone carving’s wastes.

The work on the tables will be accompanied by tours in quarries and various historic villages of Val d’Orcia, as well as moments of confrontation and verification with tutors and external guests. The workshop experience will end with the preparation of a small exhibition and a final discussion of works.

The registration fee is €200 and you can register by 15 July, by filling in the form.


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