Social coaching for the MAAM

21 October 2022 | Not Assigned

The MAAM – Maremma’s Museum of Archaeology and Art is located in Grosseto. It houses and exhibits to the public numerous archaeological and historical-artistic finds from the city and the Maremma territory.

MAAM’s 2020 was also a complex year of challenges and deep changes due to Covid.

Since the first spring closures the Museum’s objective was clear: to keep alive the relationship with the city and to develop new public by experimenting new edutainment strategies through opportunities offered by digital tools. Thus, during the summer the Cultura REPublic team was called by the Museum in helping to redefine social and online communication lines and start a listening path to the public. We created a tailor-made path of accompaniment and mentoring that involved operators and provided the new Museum’s social manager with specific skills.

All this was made possible thanks to the opportunity provided by the call “Laboratori Culturali” of Fondazione CR Firenze, within the project “Il MAAM dei desideri”.


  • To increase specific skills in social communication for the Museum staff
  • To activate a targeted communication strategy
  • To enhance the Museum’s digital identity
  • To profile publics in proximity

Tools and methods used

  • Focus groups with the Museum staff
  • Drafting of buyer personas models
  • Programming and management of the editorial plan on the social media used in the Museum
  • Tutoring/mentoring

Expected results

  • Improvement of the social tool for digital communication
  • Increased stimulation and specific skills for internal staff
  • Creation of a new strategy with a shared editorial line
  • Management of Facebook and Instagram’s contents
  • Engagement and retention of the public in proximity
  • Improvement of the Museum’s image and digital identity
  • Increased usability and accessibility of collections


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