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Digital pills. 2022 edition

Second year of the ERASMUS+ project “Oltre il giardino – Social Inclusion Observatory”, whose Associazione “Per Boboli” is the leader…

Cliente: Oltre il giardino - Osservatorio per l'inclusione sociale

Partner: Associazione per Boboli

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School-Work Alternation 2022 – Tourism. Culture. Development

How to develop new tourism-cultural proposals for the territory Business model canvas for the tourism-cultural sector of Follonica and surroundings…

Cliente: Istituto Statale d’Istruzione Superiore di Follonica

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MICA – Mu.SA International Community Activators

Project leader: Cultura REPublic Erasmus+ Programme 2021 – 2027 | Key Action 2: Strategic Partnership Projects MICA – Mu.SA International…

Partner: Melting Pro - Hellenic Open University - Universidade do Porto - Mapa de Ideas

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Museum challenge. Social coaching for museum operators

Communication professional training for museums in the provinces of Florence, Grosseto and Arezzo. Project duration: giugno 2022 – maggio 2023….

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Q-Attivi. Cultural Edition

Cultural regeneration Project of the District The Project aims to create a local network for cultural production and promotion within…

Partner: Progetto co-finanziato dalla Fondazione CR Firenze

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Project work for Samsung Innovation Camp

Cultura REPublic was one of the partner companies of Samsung Italia’s corporate social responsibility project, which engaged students of the…

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