Youth Apprenticeship Program – Relay on Instagram. Vetulonia through student’s eyes

21 October 2022 | Not Assigned

Engaging teenagers within the museum’s world is increasingly difficult; this is because museums and young people too often use different languages and communication channels.

The aim is to shorten the communication gap through the use of one of the social channels most used by young people and teenagers: through a Youth Apprenticeship Program’s project, students will be invited to participate actively in the Instagram profile of the Museo Isidoro Falchi of Vetulonia, with the possibility to tell the museum from their point of view, helped by the museum staff and alternating in a real relay on profile management.


  • To activate a communication strategy targeted at a teenage audience, using Instagram
  • To enhance the Museum’s digital identity
  • To increase specific skills of social communication for museum staff
  • To engage high school students in cultural design actions through the Youth Apprenticeship Program

Tools used

  • Data analysis software for Instagram
  • Graphics software
  • Theoretical and practical lessons

Expected results

  • Improvement of the social tool for digital communication purposes
  • Increased stimulation and specific skills for internal staff
  • Dissemination of the knowledge of the cultural heritage among a specific target audience
  • Engagement and retention of the public in proximity
  • Improvement of the Museum’s image and digital identity
  • Increased usability and accessibility of collections
  • Increased museum’s competitiveness in its territory


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