Internet Festival 2018

11 October 2019 | Not Assigned

Internet Festival is an event, now in its ninth edition, that deals with focus and dissemination of themes and challenges related to the digital innovation’s world. The Festival unfolds on twelve locations within Pisa and involves the city in four days with debates, presentations, exhibitions, workshops and shows addressed to very different target audiences.

For the 2018 edition Cultura REPublic designed a plan for audience analysis of the event, aimed at:

  • identifying audience profiles that visited it, their satisfaction with the experience;
  • tracking the flows among the locations spread throughout the city.

More than 500 participants, among visitors and focus groups’ participants, were engaged. These surveys were followed by an insight on the perception of IF among young audiences, which engaged some classes from high schools in Pisa and a satisfaction analysis of the speakers.


  • Visitors profiling
  • Assessment of visitor satisfaction
  • Analysis of the flows among Festival’s locations
  • Assessment of speaker satisfaction
  • Assessment of the young audiences’ perception about the event

Tools used

  • Questionnaire for visitors, both in paper and digital form
  • Flow tracking passport
  • Questionnaire for speakers
  • Focus groups

Expected results

  • Profile of the typical visitor
  • Satisfaction profile of various user types related to different aspects of the event
  • Assessment of speaker satisfaction
  • Representation of young participants’ perception about the Festival
  • Mapping of audience flows among event’s locations


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